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1. Le rayonnement solaire
et son interaction avec l’atmosphère
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2. Les radiations solaires et les aérosols

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3. Les mesures des paramètres atmosphériques

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4. Les nuages et leur formation

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English versions:

Climate Cycles

Solar Radiation & Aerosols

Calisph'air is CNES's Education and Public Outreach Program for the CALIPSO Mission



Lesson Plan from the joint U.S. - French "Live Event" on February 17, 2005. (PDF version)

Helpful Mission URLs (below and PDF version) & Fact Sheets


Highlighted Educator Links

Digital Library for Earth System Education

DLESE is the Digital Library for Earth System Education, a geoscience community resource that supports teaching and learning about the Earth system. DLESE is funded by the National Science Foundation and is being built by a community of educators, students, and scientists to support Earth system education at all levels. DLESE provides:

* Easy access to quality teaching and learning resources about the Earth as a system for a wide range of learners

* Services to help users effectively create, use and evaluate digital learning resources

* Interfaces and tools to allow student exploration of Earth data

* A community center that fosters interaction, collaboration and sharing

Cloud Protocols Online Teaching Module

The interactive online teaching module was designed for teachers and trainers, but can be adapted to other audiences. This new approach explores the science content behind cloud and contrail identification, simulates taking protocol measurements, demonstrates data entry, and data analysis as well as provides practical information about inquiry-based classroom implementation.  The online teaching module takes about 30 minutes to complete and is an example of modules being developed for all GLOBE protocols.

The Cloud Protocols Online Teaching Module requires the free Flash Player 7 and an Internet browser that is compatible with Flash Player 7 to view the module.

Use this online refresher to renew your knowledge about taking cloud and contrail observations with your students!


Dianne Q. Robinson, Ph. D.
Outreach Director
Barbara Maggi
Assistant Outreach Director
Responsible NASA official: Melinda Cagle, Science Manager, CALIPSO


NASA Langley Research Center

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

CALIPSO is a collaboration between NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), the French space agency CNES, Hampton University, the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL), and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. The primary roles and contributions of these partners can be found at This mission is part of NASA's Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program, a series of missions designed to examine critical issues in Earth system science.

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CALIPSO Outreach Director: Dianne Q. Robinson
CALIPSO Assistant Outreach Director: Barbara H. Maggi
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