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(Click on the images to view the animation. Some graphics and concepts courtesy of NASA Fact Sheets.)

Atmospheric Aerosols Book

What are aerosols? How are aerosols made? How do they affect climate? Find out with this interactive book.

Open Flash Movie: Atmospheric Aerosols Book
Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the entire crossword puzzle when given definitions for atmospheric terms?
Download the PDF version of the Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle: puzzle, questions, answers.
Open Flash Movie: Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle

Sun Photometer Simulator

This interactive model of the Sun Photometer simulates the function of a real instrument. Taking measurements with the Sun Photometer simply requires aligning the sunlight on the LED, using the external guides, and measuring the corresponding voltage with a voltmeter. Adjust the slider controls for the desired conditions.

Open Flash Movie: Sun Photometer Simulator

Atmospheric Trivia Game

Test your atmospheric trivia with this three-level game.

Open Flash Movie: Atmospheric Trivia Game

Changes in Atmospheric Optical Depth

What is optical depth? How does a volcanic eruption change optical depth? Find out in this animation.

Open Flash Movie: Optical Depth Animation
Cloud Match Game& About Clouds

Play a cloud "memory" game. Don't forget to go through the tutorial on the ten main cloud types.
Download the PDF version of the Cloud Match Game. Print, cut, and then play on your own.
Open Flash Movie: Cloud Match Game

The Greenhouse Effect

Find out how the greenhouse effect works.

Open Flash Movie: The Greenhouse Effect Animation

Layers of the Atmosphere

How high is it? Play a game to place different objects into the correct atmospheric layer.

Open Flash Movie: Layers of the Atmosphere Animation

The Light Spectrum

This animation is an interactive diagram of the light spectrum. Also, find out what part of the spectrum human eyes see and why.

Open Flash Movie: The Light Spectrum Animation

LITE Data MPG Movie

LITE data showing aerosol and cloud profiles extending from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean is the subject for this movie. The yellow streaks are back trajectories of the aerosols showing the origin of these pollution plumes. In the figure, deep blue indicates clear sky, white indicates clouds, and warm colors (green, yellow, orange, and red) indicate aerosols.
Movie #1 - File size: 17.1MB
Movie #2 - File size: 2.08MB

LITE Movie Graphic
Movie courtesy of the LITE team.
What is LIDAR?

View a slide PowerPoint animation about how lidar works. Scroll through the slides to see the animation. The file size is 165K.
Open the "What is LIDAR?" PowerPoint Animation.


NASA Langley Research Center

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

CALIPSO is a collaboration between NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), the French space agency CNES, Hampton University, the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL), and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. The primary roles and contributions of these partners can be found at This mission is part of NASA's Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program, a series of missions designed to examine critical issues in Earth system science.

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